May 01, 2013

A New Line of Sight

   When things get crazy in my life, my blog is always the first thing that gets neglected. Blogging is an escape for me, so it doesn't make much sense that it's what I sacrifice when stress levels are running high. The weather this week has been incredible, with the exception of today which is rainy and cold. No complaints, though. See my previous post for weather rantings.

   Lately i've been worrying about Nathan still not being able to find a job, the fact that our wedding has come to a complete halt because of it, and how sometimes it seems like only the two of us really understand how heart wrenching it is. I feel guilty for complaining. We're both incredibly blessed. We have family and friends who are so uplifting, and that really does help us. I'm so thankful for those people. Some days are just harder than others. I'm on a mission to make today a good one. Happy thoughts!

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