March 01, 2013

High Five for Friday

  Here are some of this week's highlights. Have a great weekend!

   I got this little pick-me-up out a fortune cookie during lunch with Nathan. Not really what I would consider a fortune, but I'll take it!

   Kenya asked me to completely redesign her blog, Life with Giggles, and it's finally finished. Installation starts this weekend and I'm not really sure which one of us is more excited. Be sure to check her blog on Monday to see the new look!

   Nathan and I cooked dinner together Wednesday. We've both been wanting to try this recipe for Coconut Shrimp with Strawberry Dipping Sauce and it was even better than we expected. I ate way too much and I also discovered that cooking tropical foods makes you crave warm weather. 

   Did you see my recent post about this book? I've been spending all my free time thumbing through the pages and its illustrations are so inspiring. I need a new house to decorate!

   I came across this little gem during an intense Pinterest session and it was just what i needed. I love when you coincidentally come across things that just make you feel like they were written specifically for you. 

   Here's one last thing to brighten your day. I could not stop smiling when I saw this commercial. Love it. 


  1. I really love that blog design! Very cute

  2. Absolutely love the new design!!! I know it was hard when the printed peach unexpectedly disappeared, but you've definitely made the change worth it! So proud for you. :)