January 14, 2013

There's A New Man in My Life

   Let's be real for a minute. It takes a special person to love a bulldog. They are the stinkiest, slobbery-est, most high maintenance, most adorable dogs on the planet. This is Chaco. You'll see him on my Instagram from time to time. He melted my heart the first time I met him. Those big eyes and that pitiful look had me in love right away. But let's be honest, living with him is going to be a huge adjustment for me.

   All in all I'm just not too keen on indoor pets. But despite that, I love Nathan. And Nate loves that dog. So, this is my official pledge to give Chaco the fair chance he deserves. Because the one thing we have in common is that we love Nate, and that's a pretty big deal. Marriage is about sharing all that you have, good and bad, and learning to accept differences that present themselves when you allow a spouse to come into your life. I hope you're all inspired to make sacrifices for the ones you love, and may this photo make your Monday a little less unbearable.

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