January 29, 2013

Emily Ley & The Simplified Planner

   I am and always will be a big planner. Everyday I make a list of things to get done, and then make an outlined schedule of what order to tackle everything. I can't survive without some kind of planner, and in the past I could never find one that had all my necessities. Enter: Emily Ley, designer of the Simplified Planner.

   This girl has it figured out. I got my Simplified Planner back in December and I can't put it down. Everything is purchased separately, which allows you to build your perfect datebook from the ground up. On top of that, Emily has a free printable library on her site so you can add even more to your planner. Unfortunately, the simplified planner has been sold out and won't restock until this summer, but I promise it's worth the wait. So, watch this video where Emily talks about her reason for creating the Simplified line, and go give her some love on her Twitter or Facebook page.

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