January 16, 2013

Blog Inc.

 If you're a blogger it's likely that you've already heard of the Blog Inc. book by Joy Cho. Joy is the writer over at Oh Joy! studios. In Blog Inc. she breaks down the process of blogging in clear step-by-step directions, and offers resources to help you get started. 

   When I bought the book I spent all night thumbing through the pages. It's so full of information that I had to flag several sections I want to come back to again later. For those of you who have thought about blogging but haven't taken the plunge - trust me, read it. It will be the deciding factor in whether or not to take your hobby to the next level. It's a great read and even better, it's cheap! Watch the video above for more information.


  1. aw joy's a good friend of mine! i loved her book as well. i'll definitely need to forward this post to her!

  2. thanks so much cari!